Atlantic City Blackjack

atlantic cityAtlantic City Blackjack is named after the New Jersey gambling mecca, but blackjack tables with this label is found worldwide – offline as well as online. The rules can vary, so it is very important to check out the rules for the specific table you wish to play at. Below, we will take a look a some commonly used rules for Atlantic City Blackjack, but you can never be sure that these specific rules will be applicable just because a blackjack table is labeled Atlantic City Blackjack.

Each casino set their own rules for Atlantic City Blackjack, so players need to be watchful!

Rules for Atlantic City Blackjack

  • Atlantic City Blackjack is normally played with eight decks or cards shuffled together. The standard 52 card deck is used, without any jokers or other wild cards.
  • The dealer will deal herself a start hand consisting of two cards in the beginning of the round. One card is dealt face up and the other card is dealt face down. The face down card is the hole card.
  • If the dealer’s face up card is an ace or any card worth ten points, the dealer will immediately sneak a peak at her hole card. If it turns out that she has a jackpot, the round is over.
  • The dealer is not allowed to make decisions about her hand. If her hand is worth 17 points or more, she mus stand. This is true even if the hand contains one or more aces.If her hand is worth 16 points or less, she must take an additional card.
  • The player is allowed to double down on any two cards, regardless of their point value.
  • Doubling down after a split is allowed. Splitting after doubling down is not possible, since you only get one more card after a doubling down.
  • You can split a start hand no more than four three times, creating a maximum of four separate hands out of the start hand.
  • There is a special rule for aces. If you get two aces and split them, you only get one more card on each ace. Asking for additional cards or splitting again is not permitted.
  • If you split aces and get a ten point card on one or both of the aces, this does not count as a blackjack or blackjacks since they are not real starting hands. After a split, ace + ten points counts as any other 21 point hand.
  • In many casinos, late surrender is allowed when playing Atlantic City Blackjack.
  • A standard win pays 1:1. A blackjack win pays 3:2. Insurance pays 2:1.


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