Bonus Blackjack

bonus blackjackSince a lot of different blackjack variants are marketed under the name Bonus Blackjack, it is very important to check the rules for the specific table you wish to play at. This is true online as well as offline. The Bonus Blackjack rules outlined below are used by many casinos, but they are far from universal.

Bonus Blackjack rules

  • Bonus Blackjack is usually played with two decks of cards, shuffled together. The standard 52 card deck is used, with no jokers or any other wild cards.
  • When you play Bonus Blackjack, you can elect to make side bet before the round starts. This side bet is completely optional. If you make the side bet, you have a shot at winning bonus payouts if you get a hand that is good enough.In many online casinos that offer Bonus Blackjack, you will be paid a 50:1 bonus if your start hand consists of the ace of spades + the jack of spades. A start hand that consists of an ace + a jack of the same suit (but not spades) will give you a 25:1 bonus payment. A start hand that consists of any two cards of the same suit will pay out a 5:2 bonus. Of course, all these bonus payments are only available to players that have made the optional side wager.
  • When a round of Bonus Blackjack starts, the dealer will give herself two cards. This is her start hand. One card is dealt face-up, the other face-down. The face-down card is the dealer’s hole card. If the face-up card is an ace or a ten point card, the dealer will peek at her face-down card. If she finds out that she has a blackjack, the round is over.
  • Doubling down is allowed on any two-card hand, regardless of point value.
  • Doubling down after a split is allowed. (Splitting after doubling down is not possible, since you only get one more card after doubling down.)
  • Two cards of identical point value can be split. You can split the same hand up to three times, giving you four individual hands.
  • There is a special rule for splitting aces. If you split aces, you only get one more card on each of the aces. Continuing to split is not allowed. If a ten point card lands on an ace after a split, the resulting hand is a 21 point hand, not a blackjack.
  • The dealer is not allowed to make decisions about her hand. She must hit on 16 points or lower, and she must also hit on 17 if it is a soft 17. With a hard 17 or anything above that, she must stay.

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You get a bonus from every casino and if that’s important to you, you should choose between casinos that offers deposit bonuses with extra cash, not free spins. The reason is that you can only use extra cash for BlackJack, the free spins are only used for slots.