Vegas Downtown Blackjack

vegas downtown blackjackDowntown Las Vegas is the old city center of Las Vegas, and was the dominant gambling area before the development of The Strip. Unlike most of The Strip, downtown Las Vegas is actually located within the city limits of Las Vegas. Compared to The Strip, downtown Las Vegas is known to give the player better odds on table games and the slots are renowned for their comparatively high RTP. Downtown Las Vegas attracts a lot of local Nevada residents, who prefer this traditional environment over The Strip.

You can find the label Vegas Downtown Blackjack on blackjack tables all over the world; on the internet as well as offline. Since it is up to each casino to set their own rules for their blackjack tables, it is important to always check the rules before you start wagering real money. Just because two tables are both labeled Vegas Downtown Blackjack we can not take for granted that they will follow the same set of rules. This is important to keep in mind, since even a small rule divergence can necessitate a strategy adjustment for the dedicated blackjack player.

The rules below are often, but not always, used for Vegas Downtown Blackjack.

Rules for Vegas Downtown Blackjack

  • Vegas Downtown Blackjack is played with just two decks. The standard 52 card deck is used, without any jokers or other wild cards.
  • At the beginning of the round, the dealer will give herself two cards. This is her starting hand. One of the cards will be dealt face up, the other one face-down. The face-down card is the hole card.
  • If the dealer’s face-up card is an ace or a ten point card, she will take peek at her hole card. If she finds out that she has a blackjack, the round is over.
  • Doubling down is a allowed on any two cards, regardless of their value. When you double down, you get exactly one more card. You can’t refuse this card or get a fourth card.
  • Doubling down after a split is allowed. (Splitting after doubling down is not possible, since you only get one more card after doubling down.)
  • If you are dealt two cards of identical point value, you can split them. Continuing to split after a split is allowed. Your start hand can be split a maximum of three times, giving you a total of four hands.
  • There is a special rule in place for splitting aces. If you get two aces and split them, you only get one more card on each of the aces. If a ten point card lands on an ace after a split, this does not count as a blackjack. It counts as any other 21 point hand.
  • The dealer is not allowed to make decisions about her hand. The dealer must always give herself a card as long as the hand is 16 points or lower, or is a soft 17. This is of the things that sets Vegas Downtown Blackjack apart from most other blackjack variants – the dealer must stand on 17 unless it is a soft 17. If it is a soft 17, the dealer must give herself a card.

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