Vegas Strip Blackjack

las vegas stripVegas Strip Blackjack isn’t a registered worldwide trademark or similar, so games with different rules can all be offered under the name Vegas Strip Blackjack. Below, we will take a look at the rules of a Vegas Strip Blackjack game that is popular in online casinos.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, always check the rules of the specific game you wish to play before you start betting any money! Even a small rule change can be important enough to require an adjustment of your blackjack strategy if you want to be a long-term winning player.

Rules for Vegas Strip Blackjack

  • Vegas Strip Blackjack is usually played with four decks shuffled together. The standard 52 card deck is used, without any jokers or other wild cards.
  • The dealer deals herself two cards at the start of the round. One card is dealt face up, the other one face down. This is her start hand. The card dealt face down is called “the hole card”. If the dealer’s hole card is an ace or a card worth ten points, the dealer will peak to see if she has a blackjack. If she has a blackjack, she will display the blackjack and the round is over.
  • It is possible to double down on any two cards when you play Vegas Strip Blackjack, regardless of the point value of those cards. Doubling down means that you make an additional wager, the same size as your initial wager, and then receive exactly one more card – no more and no less.
  • In many casinos, you are allowed to double down after a split when playing Vegas Strip Blackjack. (But you are not allowed to split after doubling down.)
  • There is usually a limit for how many times you can split a hand in Vegas Strip Blackjack, and that limit is 3 in most casinos. So your start hand can turn into a maximum of four separate hands.
  • A special rule will typically apply for splitting aces, stipulating than aces can only be split once and you will only get one card for each ace after a split.
  • After a split, a ten point card being dealt to an ace is not a blackjack, it is a standard 21 point hand.
  • The dealer is not allowed to make choices regarding her hand. She must stand on any hand that is worth 17 points or more in Vegas Strip Blackjack, even if it is a soft hand (a hand that contains an ace that can count as 1 point or 11 points). Also, she must take a card as long as her hand is worth 16 points or less, hard or soft, she can not elect to stand.

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